AUTHOR : theconnectar
21 November 2016
Making Friends in The Modern Age: How Do You Do It?

What do you mean? Don’t you just, you know, go up to people and – demand they be your friend? Or do you buy them a gift first? What’s the etiquette? Do I poke them on Facebook? Or maybe I have to add them on Snapchat before I can qualify for the poking stage. Surely I don’t need to hang around pubs awkwardly trying to make eye contact. Ohh it’s all too hard, I think I’ll just go post some more statuses complaining about how nobody’s ever free instead.


Making friends in modern society isn’t as straightforward as the ‘good old days.’ People are typically more engrossed in the contents of their phones, or interested in communicating via social media than they are with striking up conversations with strangers in public.


As our day-to-day lives grow busier and we become increasingly time poor who has the free schedule to socialise or make new friends anyway? Even if you do meet new people, who’s to say you’ll even get along over time? Whether because of a demanding job, recent move, family obligations, living in a remote area, social awkwardness, or a number of other possibilities; many people struggle to connect with others and strike up meaningful friendships. So what do we do? Curl up in the foetal position, hug that jumbo packet of Doritos from Cosco a little closer and call it a day? Or are there other alternatives out there.


Social media contributed to the issue – social media can resolve the issue


Some might say that it’s partially due to social networking platforms that we’ve become more disconnected than ever before. People preferring to engage over their smartphones or computers instead of the good old fashioned way. While this may be true, there are certain platforms out there, such as The Connectar; which are taking a different approach to filling the void, ironically influenced by social media.



Ideal for busy professionals, students, travellers and everyday people on the move, The Connectar will completely redefine how we make friends in the modern age. As opposed to similar networking services that rely on you to conduct the majority of the legwork and potentially waste your time with incompatible or un-meaningful connections, The Connectar looks at the bigger picture.


What does the biggest picture look like?


At its fundamental core, this new platform will bring likeminded individuals together and provide them with the perfect staging ground to mingle, share and connect on a much deeper level. It will also put much more control into the users’ hands and allow you to make friends on your own terms and at your own pace.


Convenient socialising, made easy.