AUTHOR : theconnectar
30 November 2016
Combating Loneliness as a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Modern television can sometimes make entrepreneurship look fast-paced and invigorating. There you are coming up with multi-million dollar ideas, scoring deals and creating an empire – but building your own business can be a very solitary venture at times.

Especially in those early years when you’re working crazy hours, home life and work life begin to fuse together. Suddenly you’re forced to work alone until you can afford to expand your team. Feelings of isolation and loneliness among small business owners commonly set in during this time. Now, you might argue that you socialise plenty when it comes to networking, working the phones and getting your name out there, but how many of those interactions would you consider meaningful or truly engaging?

Loneliness is a by-product of failing to connect with your fellow human beings in a truly meaningful way and unfortunately, many entrepreneurs only interact with others on a surface level.


Join a business networking group


There are many organisations out there that allow like-minded professionals to network and discuss topics that are important to them. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to foster valuable relationships, but you’ll also gain useful insights into the world of business.


Establish that home and work balance


While it may be easy to slip into the pitfall of working from home or living from your office as a passionate entrepreneur, you need to break such unhealthy habits. Maintaining a sustainable balance is important to make sure you don’t burn yourself out both mentally and physically. The change of scenery between home and the office will also help reinvigorate you as you shift gears instead of falling into a rut.


Maintain non-work related pastimes


Much like having a healthy dose of home time intermingled with your work life, having reoccurring hobbies or activities is a great way to remain stimulated and social. Whether you’re a tennis, chess, hiker, reader, or origami enthusiast, finding an activity that you enjoy will serve as a therapeutic release to all of your built up stress and tension. Any activities involving classes or groups is also a great means to get out there and socialise.


Build a solid support network around yourself


Even if you’re a one-man team, you can always find friends and family to function in an advisory role to bounce ideas off. Having this supportive network of people you can trust will help lessen the burdens you face as a small business owner and remind you that you’re not alone in your ventures.